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Never Again giclee










Make your own high quality painting panels without a mess

and for a fraction of the cost of commercially produced panels.












Gatorboard:  An internet search will provide many sources of Gatorboard.


Dibond: XPSignSupply    XP will cut the panels for you to any size you desire at no extra charge.  After you order on Ebay, call them and ask for Wendy.   You'll want to mention that you want square edges (not round), and tell them the size of the panels you would like.       XP Sign Supplies  702-560-8000


Beva 371b film 2.5 milConservation Resources


Commercial Seal 210:    Search on Ebay


UPDATE:  Although not in the video, I have recently begun using 1/8" HARDBOARD bought at the local Home Depot store.  These sheets, 4' x 8' are very inexpensive and can be cut into perfect panels which are lightweight and rigid.   The store can cut the panels for you if you'd like but you will have to sand the edges.  I have them cut the panel in half and then I further cut it down myself on a table saw with a blade used for fine work.  There is a lot of dust so I strongly suggest that you do this outside if you can, and wear a very good mask as breathing the hardboard dust is not healthy.


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